PKRS-1009 failed to start ASM instance

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      Hi ,

      I have installed RAC on AS-4 platform. cluster and database s/w is installed successfully however when i try to install ASM i am getting an following error.

      PKRS-1009 : failed to start ASM instance.

      CRS-1005: failed to get required resources.

      CRS:0223: node 1 has placement erro.

      could you please help me on this?


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      Saurabh Sood

      What do you mean by installing ASM??

      Are you trying to start ASM instance and getting these errors?

      What is the command that you are using?

      Is ASM and Oracle home are same?

      Check the “STATE” of ASM resource using “$ crs_stat -t”

      If it is UNKNOWN then use “crs_stop -f <resource_name>” to stop the resource and then try to start again.

      – Saurabh Sood

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      Hi ,

      thanks for the reply.

      yes ORACLE and ASM home are same

      please see the output below.

      [oracle@rac2 bin]$./crs_stat -t

      Name Type Target State Host

      ora…SM1.asm application ONLINE OFFLINE

      ora…C1.lsnr application ONLINE OFFLINE

      ora.rac1.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE rac1

      ora.rac1.ons application ONLINE ONLINE rac1 application ONLINE OFFLINE

      ora…SM2.asm application ONLINE OFFLINE

      ora…C2.lsnr application ONLINE OFFLINE

      ora.rac2.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE rac2

      ora.rac2.ons application ONLINE ONLINE rac2 application ONLINE OFFLINE

      you can see from the above o/p that vip is not up.

      when i try to stop and start it up.

      [oracle@rac1 bin ]#./crs_stop -f

      Target set to OFFLINE for ‘ora.rac1.LISTENER_RAC1.lsnr’

      Target set to OFFLINE for ‘ora.rac1.ASM1.asm’

      Target set to OFFLINE for ‘’

      [oracle@rac1 bin ]#./crs_start -f

      Attempting to start ‘’ on member ‘rac1’

      start of ‘’ on member ‘rac1’ failed.

      Attempting to start ‘’ on member on ‘rac2’

      start of ‘’ on member ‘rac2’ failed.

      CRS-1006: No more members to consider

      CRS-0215: Could not start resource ‘’.

      could you please help me on this?

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      I have already installed CRS and Oracle s/w and i want to install ASM

      however when i try to install asm using DBCA.,

      I am getting error.

      please help me on this.


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      Saurabh Sood

      1. For errors “FAILED TO START ASM INSTANCE”:

      Check your sqlnet.ora file, if there is any line like: SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES=(NTS)

      Remove this line and try again.

      2. For vip not getting started “CRS-1006: No more members to consider”:

      It is very difficult error to sort out. You have to set tracing to know the exact reason for this.

      I had this issue one time and eventually I had to recreate the entire system. But you can try to Remove the VIP resource and add it again and see what happens. Also what is the output of :

      $srvctl config nodeapps -n <nodename> -a -g -s -l


      Saurabh Sood

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      Amit Bansal

      Permissions on init+ASM2.ora is right.I am only facing this problem when i was starting ASM through srvctl command otherwise it’s working fine.

      Please note this point.

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