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    Amit Bansal

    –I need to create streams in a single database but between diff schema’s.

    –from schema1 to schema2 ,Then schema2 to schema3 and schema4.

    –schema1 has 500 table

    –schema2 has 500(need to replicate 150 tables)

    -schema3 has 90 tables

    –schema4 has 100 tables

    –Schema1 and Schema2 have same structure but i need to select only 150 tables out of 500 tables.

    –from schema2 to schema3 ,here also structure is same. But i need to replicate 90 tables in schema3 .

    –from schema2 to schema4 destination tables has extra iam using dml handlers.

    My ques are:

    I included DDL’s. But they are not working.

    Please give me some idea in this situation.



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    Amit Bansal


    I would suggest going through below link which explains filtering the tables to exclude them from replication



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