Changes To 10g OCA Certification

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People planning to appear for  10g OCA Exam will be startled to find that they need to pass additional exam to get the certificate. Starting from December 1, 2008, in addition to the existing exam (Oracle Database 10g: Administration I (1Z0-042)), candidates are also required to pass any one of the four following Oracle SQL exams to earn the certification:

Introduction to Oracle: SQL® and PL/SQL™ (1Z0-001) or,
Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL (1Z0-007) or,
Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I (1Z1-051) or,
Oracle Database SQL Expert (1Z0-047)

People who have cleared the IZ0-042 exam before 30 Nov 2008 are not required to give the exam. Below is snapshot from Oracle website detailing new Certification Path. You can find the details here


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5 thoughts on “Changes To 10g OCA Certification”

  • Hi.

    The DBA track should include an SQL component. It always used to, then Oracle removed to reduce the number of exams required to get the OCP. Adding an SQL compnent is necessary as a DBA without SQL is not a DBA in my opinion.

    I agree with Laurent, the SQL expert doesn’t really seem appropriate as a lead in to DBA OCA, but then I guess any proof of SQL skills is fine.



  • Tim,

    Yeah. I too gave 9i OCP and cleared the SQL exam and then upgraded to 10g. But strangely it was removed from 10g. Now it’s been brought back clearly shows that people thought that it was important subject which should be part of 10g course. Anyways I came across this info on education site while checking pre-requisites for OCM course 🙂


    As Tim pointed out, SQL Expert won’t be asked to write in separate exam to showcase his skills while appearing for 10g OCA. We can say that with this a SQL expert need to give only one exam to become OCA instead of writing 2 🙂


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