OUI-67124 – Copy failed from ‘location 1’ to ‘location 2’

Just a short note to discuss a problem faced by me while applying CPU Jan patch to clusterware on AIX 5L. I was getting following errors

UtilSession failed: ApplySession failed in system modification phase... 'ApplySession::apply failed: Copy failed from '/archive/oracle/soft/Patch/6980307/6756433/files/lib/libhasgen10.so' to '/oracle/crs_base/app/product/crs10gR2/lib/libhasgen10.so'...
Copy failed from '/archive/oracle/soft/Patch/6980307/6756433/files/lib/libocr10.so' to '/oracle/crs_base/app/product/crs10gR2/lib/libocr10.so'...
Copy failed from '/archive/oracle/soft/Patch/6980307/6756433/files/lib/libocrb10.so' to '/oracle/crs_base/app/product/crs10gR2/lib/libocrb10.so'...
Copy failed from '/archive/oracle/soft/Patch/6980307/6756433/files/lib/libocrutl10.so' to '/oracle/crs_base/app/product/crs10gR2/lib/libocrutl10.so'..

I had followed all the  pre-requsites for this patch installation i.e

1)Stopped the database instance and ASM instance on the node

2)Stopped the nodeapps services

3)Stopped the clusterware

4) Executed /usr/sbin/slibclean as root

I searched over metalink and found a note recommending renaming the files and  retrying the patching process. One more suggestion was to copy the files manually. I thought of debugging this issue (also wanted to have clean installation), so I checked for processes being run by ‘oracle’ user. I found that listener was running

oracle 1982506       1   0 00:30:13      -  0:00 /oracle/ora_base/app/product/db10gR2/bin/tnslsnr LISTENER_TAF_PRODDB1 -inherit

This was a listener which was created manually (not using netca) and not registered in the OCR. As a result, it did not stop when we stopped the nodeapps services. I then stopped the listener and executed /usr/sbin/slibclean (as root) and re-initiated the patching process. This time it went fine.

One more easier way would have been to use ‘fuser’ command to identify the pid’s for the processes accessing the file.

In the end I realized that before proceeding to apply patch ,it is better to check for if any Instance or listener or any other process (RMAN, sqlplus or sqlloader utilities too) is running from Oracle Home being patched even though you have followed all the steps mentioned in Patch readme.



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