WordPress 2.8 “Baker” Released

WordPress version 2.8 has been released. Following link contains video demo of changes in V2.8.

I found option of installing theme directly from WordPress themes the coolest feature. It is not new for people using the free wordpress account’s  but for people using wordpress on their own domains had to first download the theme from net and then ftp back to their  hosting server (I am using yahoo webhosting which provides only ftp access , no ssh access). 

I do not see any note on how to Upgrade V2.7.1 to V2.8. If you try using the WordPress Automatic upgrade tool in V2.7.1, it gives a message that ” You are already on latest Release”. Anyways I am looking forward to upgrading it to V2.8 asap as it gives me option of trying out new themes 🙂 . In case anyone find’s any article on how to do it, then do let me know.

Update : – Now Upgrade link has come up on Dashboard ..May be the developers forgot about it initially 🙂

– Amit

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