Finding blogging tough? Just copy and do find and replace

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Well this is motto followed by Guenadi Jilevski for his blog and he seems to get result too (14k+ hits)

Timur Akhmadeev highlighted this content plagiarism by posting links of various articles copied by Guenadi  along with original link. You will find that articles have been copied without giving any reference of source articles thereby giving a impression that it’s his articles . I have till now commented on 6 posts which have been copied from He justifies this by commenting on Timur’s blog with following comment

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This is a quote of the day for Charles and Alex:

In my posts, I have actual screenshots of my own personal domain name servers that do not exist in the original source from which I am accused of stealing content from. This proves that my work is original because I have my own personal Oracle database systems that show the content in the screen shots.

For instance, I cannot simply do a cut and paste into an image unless I have performed the actual installation and configuration as my own work. This also applies for the rest of the content without images. References to Oracle documentation and third party sources will be verified and credited to comply with international copyright laws.

If anyone has a dispute that contests the nature of my posts and believes it to infringe on copyright law, please email me at your convenience. Otherwise, I will assume by your tacit acquiescence that I am not in violation of copyright laws. If anyone believes that my blog posts contain content that has not been credited, please contact me so I can rectify the situation.

This definition of copyright by Guenadi is not correct which was later pointed by Charles Hooper.  He has also made it clear  that  unless original blog author complaints, he will not remove the article.

In above statement, he  mentions that he has performed actual installation and did the steps. I saw this post (check snapshot below) where in he copied my article on Oracle wallet and was amazed by sheer coincidence of wallet files having same timestamp 🙂 Below snapshot proves that this too is a false claim

See blogging is not tough. Get hold of any article, replace table name/username with yours. If you can change timestamp of files/error messages it will add more credibility to your articles. And if you really want to make a difference then change database name/host names in images using any image editing tool 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂

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