October 2010 Blogroll Report

It’s been time since we saw log-buffer edition with last being published on 1st October 2010 and  Coskan’s weekly blogroll report

I found them really useful to read top blog articles for week. So I decided to tag few articles posted in October 2010 which I  had read and found useful. I am subscribed to orana.info so most of articles are already aggregated there (barring few). Unlike Pythian’s log buffer, I will be concentrating only on Oracle Database Related posts. Lets start patchset introduced lot of new features in Grid Infrastructure. Martin Bach discusses Redundant Interconnect feature introduced in in his following post

Then there is series on setting up Stretched RAC (with 4 parts published till now) from him

Julian Dyke has started his blog and have posted quite a number of articles related to
He discussed issue related to Multicasting (required to enable HAIP interconnect feature) in below post

Julian also published test program to check if multicasting is enabled on your box

Ritesh has posted a handy script to map ASM devices on EMC along with Disk number along with a  tweak in max sector size configuration on RHEL5 which can boost ASM Performance.Read more below

Doug writes about a issue related to SQL*Net events and methodology used by him to debug ‘SQL*Net more data from client’ wait event

tkprof has undergone a suprising change in Read Christian’s article about tkprof changes in

Another posting from Christian highlights changes related to Deferred Segment creation introduced in in following post

Jarneil writes post about SQL Plan Management in 11g and discusses a case when adding index to table is not picked automatically by CBO

How do you answer question “What is difference between Nested Loop and Hash Joins“. Tanel Poder says “Hash joins can not look up rows from the inner (probed) row source based on values retrieved from the outer (driving) row source, nested loops can.”
Read on below article (make sure to check comments section to know what Jonathan Lewis and Christo kutrovsky had to say)

Check out article on Reading parallel execution with Bloom pruning by Greg Rahn

In 11.2 you can query bind values of running query instead of dumping using errorstack. Tanel Poder gives a example describing with example

Dominic talks about NLS (I know many of you would be scared but believe me you can’t avoid it). Read about using NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS

Kellyn troubleshoots ora-600 on RMAN and is able to resolve the bug without applying patch.

Meanwhile she is also trying out setting up wordpress blog on dbakevlar.com (which is so much better than blogspot)

Craig Shallahamer explains correlation between database commit time and log file sync time

Do you have export scripts which you are scared to migrate to datapump. Probably Legacy mode of datapump (11gR2 feature) can help you. Aman Sharma explains the usage in below post
Happy Reading!

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3 thoughts on “October 2010 Blogroll Report”

  • Hey Amit,

    Great job for taking time to compile those. Found them really useful. Especially the redundant interconnect feature of that requires multicasting is really something that we need to be aware of before going with the upgrades.
    Sharing couple of related useful metalink notes:
    – 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Redundant Interconnect and ora.cluster_interconnect.haip [ID 1210883.1]

    – Grid Infrastructure Install or Upgrade may fail due to Multicasting Requirement [ID 1212703.1]

    Keep up the good work. Always a pleasure to browse through your blogs:)



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