Performance Management Guide on AIX

While trying to find the amount of physical memory used by oracle process on AIX, I got reference of a document from Metalink:

Performance Management Guide

It tell us about which process is using how much memory and how to interpret the output of commands like: vmstat, svmon, ps on AIX.

Also, to get more information on AIX parameter like: MAXPERM, MINPERM click here

Though I have not explored the complete guide yet, but found it very good to start with.

Saurabh Sood

Worked with prestigious Financial Institutions and Product Based MNCs e.g. Swiss Bank (UBS), CitiBank, Qatar Central Bank (QCB), Societe Generale, Oracle Corporation & Dell. An Oracle DBA who is up-skilling himself to help large enterprises move their data to cloud and get more insights into data to make it useful for them.

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