11gr2-Formatted crsctl output

If you don’t like crsctl status res –t output then try using below 🙂 Can also download here crsstat11g. I have tried this on linux

crsctl status res |grep -v "^$"|awk -F "=" 'BEGIN {print " "} {printf("%s",NR%4 ? $2"|" : $2"\n")}'|sed -e 's/ *, /,/g' -e 's/, /,/g'|\
 awk -F "|" 'BEGIN { printf "%-40s%-35s%-20s%-50s\n","Resource Name","Resource Type","Target ","State" }{ split ($3,trg,",") split ($4,st,",")}{for (i in trg) {printf "%-40s%-35s%-20s%-50s\n",$1,$2,trg[i],st[i]}}'
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