Happy New Year – Goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013

It seems Mayan’s freaked out lot of people by not making 2013 calendar 🙂 Anyways our world survives and we will be entering 2013 in another 7 hours. So wishing all Oracle Community members a “Happy And Prosperous New Year

This year we have heard lot of buzz around “Big Data” and it seems to be gaining popularity in Data warehousing World.  Oracle will be releasing its Oracle 12c database next year with emphasis on Cloud features. Let’s wait and see what is in store for us.

This year’s annual wordpress stats report is out and we clocked 230,000 pageviews in 2012. We have not been active this year and have got most of the hits on older articles. We hope to improve it in coming year.

On personal front this was Wonderful year.  My younger sister got married this year,Saurabh was blessed with Baby Boy and Abhishek had a Sweet little Angel.

Btw I have moved this blog to Amazon AWS platform on trial basis. Will check for some time before posting my experience with it.

(In case you are wondering why there is Snow falling on screen, this is provided by wordpress upto 4th Jan and can be enabled in settings 🙂 )

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