ASM not starting up after system reboot

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    We have a 2 node prototype RAC cluster running on 2 nodes using iscsi and OCFS, ASM. After reboot of the 2 nodes ASM is giving the following error message.

    ORA-29760: instance_number parameter not specified

    Here is the result of crs_stat -t..

    [[email protected] dbs]$ crs_stat -t

    Name Type Target State Host

    ora….SRV1.cs application ONLINE UNKNOWN usha

    ora….cl2.srv application ONLINE UNKNOWN usha

    ora.orcl.db application ONLINE UNKNOWN usha

    ora….l1.inst application OFFLINE OFFLINE

    ora….l2.inst application OFFLINE OFFLINE

    ora…._taf.cs application ONLINE UNKNOWN usha

    ora….cl1.srv application ONLINE UNKNOWN satya

    ora….cl2.srv application ONLINE UNKNOWN usha

    ora….SM1.asm application ONLINE OFFLINE

    ora….YA.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE satya

    ora.satya.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE satya

    ora.satya.ons application ONLINE ONLINE satya application ONLINE ONLINE satya

    ora….SM2.asm application ONLINE OFFLINE

    ora….HA.lsnr application OFFLINE OFFLINE

    ora.usha.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE usha

    ora.usha.ons application ONLINE ONLINE usha application ONLINE ONLINE usha

    Can you please advise me,what is missing here.



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    Amit Bansal

    Hi Satya,

    Looking at description for error ORA-2970 we see following

    <br />
    oerr ora 29760<br />
    29760, 00000, "instance_number parameter not specified"<br />
    // *Cause: The init.ora file did not contain a value for the instance_number<br />
    //         which is required to identify this instance to other instances of<br />
    //         the database running on the same cluster<br />
    // *Action: Assign a value to the instance_number parameter in the init.ora<br />
    //          parameter file<br />

    So it looks like the instance_number parameter is not specified. Or it could be that instance is not able to access the correct spfile. Is your ASM spfile on OCFS? If yes, can you check if it can access it.



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    Thank You, Amit. I will check back with you after making that change.

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    Amit Bansal

    Cool!! Do update ASM alert log entry also in case issue does not resolve..

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    Amit Bansal

    Cool!! Do update ASM alert log entry also in case issue does not resolve..

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