Creating One Node RAC using SAN replication

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    We have the following set up :

    2 node 11gr2 ( RAC using ASM.

    Business requirement is to have a DR site. SAN replication is used to replicate the data to the DR storage ie, the underling disks are replicated to DR site.

    On the SR site , we have only one server on which Both the Grid Infrastructure and oracle home will be installed. Is it possible to bring up the RAC DB on a single node .

    I haven’t tried this before . Could you help me on this .

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    Saurabh Sood

    Hi Shashi,

    Yes it is possible to bring it up on one node… for that you need to set the cluster_database=false and threads=1 in the spfile and restore/recover (It will become a single instance database.)

    If you want it to be RAC then you can use “ONE NODE RAC” new feature for 11gR2.

    Please read on following link:

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