CRS and ORACLE_HOME wiped out accidentally on node1

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      Hi there,

      Just wanted to check with DBA buddies here, on our QA node1 some one deleted most of the executable files from CRS and ORACLE_HOME which brought down CRS and instances. We do have file systems backups running on this node which backs up data to tape. So we were thinking to have our CRS and 3 ORACLE HOMEs restored from full tape backup which happened more than 2 weeks from now.

      Has anyone faced such issue before where they had to restore CRS and $OH from backup? Do you think we will be able to bring up CRS and instances on node 1 after both these homes are restored and CRS on node 1 should be able to talk to node 2?


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      Could you tell me the steps you are planning to do, to restore the backups from tape and recover the database?

      Which MML software you are using?

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      File systems where datafiles,control and logfiles were located are fine, so only software filesystems had issues. I had asked tape team to restore ORACLE_HOME and CRS binaries filesystem, they had restored it to a separate file system location. I had tared the files/directoies from restore location and untared them under db_1 and crs_1 homes. But I am still not able to start crs.

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      Saurabh Sood


      Please show us the errors that you are getting while doing this…

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      Amit Bansal

      hi Ksingh,

      I think you can just copy the two oracle homes from other node and then run from CRS_HOME. No such thing is required for db home.


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