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    Amit Bansal

    Dear All;

    I have a space of 50 GB,which is SAN mounted.

    For First cycle Full back up by RMAN it takes 30 GB of Oracle 10g RAC.

    When i took Second Full Back up it takes again minimum 31 GB.But i have a only 50 GB space.

    Before deletion of first back up it will makes as obsolute by keeping second one.

    Is there any way around to make sapce optimised.

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    Amit Bansal


    You can use ‘backup as compressed backupset’ option for taking RMAN database backup.

    This will store the backup in compressed format. Only issue is that compression will require additional CPU resources

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    Saurabh Sood


    Adding to what Amit said, you can also revisit your backup policy.

    If it allows you to create incremental backups, then go for it, as only the changed blocks will be backed up and less space will be consumed for next backup.

    You did not mentioned the version of your DB, if it is 10g then it is worth to read about block_change_tracking feature of 10g.

    Refer to following oracle documentation about Incremental backups:



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