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      Hi All,

      I am a junior oracle dba. I know this is one is easy for you all.

      Just wanted to know whether we can exclude the tables, which we dont want to have the import of?

      I mean, i have a dump file *.dmp by export script on production db. I have copied the dump file to our development db. There are almost 300 tables in the *.dmp file and i want to exclude some 20 to 25 tables from the dump file. Is it possible to using any EXCLUDE parameter in the import scrip that would exclude the tables. Our db is oracle 9i.

      Hope i wud get a quick reponse from you guys :)

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      Saurabh Sood

      Hi Alok,

      Here is a very quick reply (The first very basic thing):

      In 9i there is no EXCLUDE clause. To use EXCLUDE you have to use DATAPUMP.

      In 9i :

      1. Get the list of all tables by using :

      select table_name from dba_tables where table_name not in (those 20 tables) ……and some more clauses here….

      2. Now you have a list of all the tables that you want to import. Use TABLES= clause with imp : use $ imp help=y also

      3. prepare a par file and do the import.


      Saurabh Sood

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