how to connect 11gR2 RAC db using sql


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    Our product support 11gR2 DB or my installation of the product my product installer need DB configuration parameter. i have a 11gR2 RAC setup. when my prod ask for db, i choose the RAC config and next screen it ask “provide RAC db in host1:port1:sid1,host2:port2:sid2″.

    Is it the right behavior of the installer or it should ask the SCAN parameter ?

    plz suggest

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    Saurabh Sood

    If you have configured SCAN while setting up RAC then you should give the SCAN name to connect to DB.

    What do you mean by following line:

    “when my prod ask for db” ??

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    Thanks Saurabh,

    “when my prod ask for db” ?? means, the Installer has a screen where we have to provide DB credential. if its a rac then what would be be format ?

    ie scan-name:port:sid or servicename

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    apart from this any other way can we define ?

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    Saurabh Sood

    I am not aware of the installer you are talking about, but you can use service name to connect to the rac instance if the service name is mapped in the tnsnames.ora file.

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    Amit Bansal

    HI, Looking like a interesting thread going on. Its good that people are actually willing to share their views on this topic.

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