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      Which node will become master if the master node goes down?

      In the 4 node rac environment if node 1 is the master and node1 goes down.

      From the 3 surviving nodes which nodes will become master.

      Your help is much appreciated.


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      Saurabh Sood


      As I am aware: the node which boots-up first is the master node but if the master node shuts down, the node with the lowest node number will become master node and dynamic remastering of the resources will take place.

      To find out the master node for particular resource, you can query v$ges_resource for MASTER_NODE column.

      To find out which is the master node, you can see ocssd.log file and search for “master node number”.

      Hope this helps!!!!

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      Hi Saurabh,

      Thanks for your response.

      One of the interviewer asked me this question.

      I am aware that the node which boots up first becomes master node.

      My answer is to his question was that the instance with the most recent data will become master. he told me that i am talking regarding resource master.

      I know that oracle assign the node number to each node and keep the information in voting disk.

      Am I right, The instance which will have the most recent scn will become the master node if the master node goes down.

      How we will be able to find out the node number information is there any command with which we can find the master node number.

      Awaiting for your response.

      Thanks and Regards,

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      Saurabh Sood


      I am not sure that instance with most recent scn will become master node.

      to find out the master node number, as I stated earlier:

      $ vi ocssd.log

      and fine out for value “master node number”, it will show you the number of master node.

      Other than this, I am not aware of any particular command to find out master node number.

      With Regards,

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