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    how can we solve this error:

    regularly comes in alertlog file of primary database:

    ora-19502 write error on file””,blockno(blocksize=)

    ora-16055: FAL REQUEST REJECT

    Arch: FAL Archive Failed,Archiver continuing.

    Database : 10g RAC with two nodes.

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    Saurabh Sood


    This error shows some issue with writing to files, but the file number and block number is not shown in the error.

    Is there any ora-600 in the alert log of primary or standby database at the same time when this error occurred.?

    – Saurabh Sood

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    Amit Bansal

    you have a standby database and the standby needs a log that likely you already removed where it thinks it should be /u05/arch/

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