ora.asm connection is not failing on another node

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      Hi ,

      I have successfully installed oracle 11gR2 on IBX AIX.

      When i run the crsctl crs res -t command to check the status.

      I can see that ora.asm process is coming up on either of the node.


      ONLINE ONLINE t24db1 Started

      ONLINE ONLINE t24db2

      I dont know what is the problem if i start the cluster from node 2 then ora.asm service will start on node 2 and vice versa.

      Everything is running fine. I can connect to asm instance and database.

      All are up and running fine.

      Same problem is with my TNS. I am using the below TNS entry to connect to the database.

      T24PROD =


      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = t24db_scan.cbe.local)(PORT = 1521))






      The same problem whichever instance will start last. The connection will failover only to that instances.Suppose I last started the instance 2 and i will try to connect remotely.The connection will failover to instance 2.

      I tried the 20-30 using tns connection it fails to instance 2 or instance 1 whichver is started last. I check the scan and scan listener they are running fine.

      Do you have any idea on this?

      Your help is much appreciated in this regards,

      Awaiting for your response.

      Thanks and Regards,


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