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    Hi, I just doing final year project, I just want to know from your opinion, what is problem you are facing when tracing data from audit trail?

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    Saurabh Sood


    The question seems to be very vague to me..

    If you can explain in details about what you will be easy to answer… if I know that..:)

    -Saurabh Sood

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    My friend said, to trace data “misuse” from operational database is hard if there unable the auditing. So, I want to know if the the auditing is already enable, there are still other problems? Because I quite new in DB auditing. :)

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    Saurabh Sood


    Please check the following information:

    You will get some idea about auditing and then you can get back to your friend and ask more about what he wants as there may be issues even if the auditing is enabled.

    — Saurabh Sood

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