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    I am a bit confused.

    When we take a rman backup.Suppose the rmnan backup is in progress.

    At the same user is executing any update query and the update query is in progress and he has not committed.

    What will happen internally in this case like the transaction which is in progress will get backed up or the oracle will wait for the transaction to get committed after that it will backed up the transaction.

    If the update query ia taking 4-5 hrs to get complete.

    what will happen is this case.

    Your views on this is much appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,


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    Amit Bansal


    Transaction will keep running and it will generate redo and also write to datafiles. it is just that records will be marked uncommitted. RMAN will not wait for transaction to complete.

    Suppose you took this rman backup and restored it. Once you apply redo which consists of “commit” point of this transaction, you can see the data. If you open the database before applying this redo, the changes will be rolled back


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    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for very much for clearing my doubt.

    I was bit confused regarding this.

    Thanks and Regards,


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    Hi Amit,

    Still i am confused on this point,

    When we take database in backup mode (User-manage Backup) so more redo is generated .

    and In RAMAN , if u take DB in Backup mode Redo generated?

    If it genarate less than User-manage ,so how?

    Please cleare my confusion.



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