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      I am trying to clone a database with rman duplicate command.But here I am trying to use Rman backup taken when database was in MOUNT stage.So it’s a cold backup.

      When I am trying to issue duplicate command with this backup it’s throwing an error ” RMAN-06023:NO BACKUP OR COPY OF DATAFILE 7 FOUND TO RESTORE “.

      This is happenning with all datafiles in the backup.

      List backupset command shows me proper and expected results.

      Note : I am using nocatalog approach for target database backup.

      Is this not supported in duplicate database command?


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      Saurabh Sood

      Hi Ani,

      It requires target database in either MOUNT or OPEN stage to duplicate database using RMAN. Could you give the complete RMAN command that you are using to duplicate the database?

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