What is the process/steps to start up a database in a RAC

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      what steps are followed to startup an Oracle instance setup as part cluster. I understand powerpath 1st to allow access to the san, then CRSD … not sure what is next!!

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      Amit Bansal


      Sorry for late reply. Didn’t get time to reply earlier.

      In case of RAC database (10.2) you need to perform following steps

      1)Start CRS (as root)

      #crsctl start crs

      Actually if you have enabled automatic startup of resources and configured asm-instance dependency correctly, then it will start all resources automatically. Otherwise go to below steps

      2)Start Nodeapps

      $srvctl start nodeapps -n <noden>

      3)Start ASM instance

      srvctl start asm -n <noden>

      Repeat steps on other node. You can use srvctl command from any node

      4) Now start cluster database

      $srvctl start database -d <dbname>

      You can also start a single instance using following command

      srvctl start instance -d <db_name> -i <inst_name>

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