This document covers the DataGuard and DG broker setup.

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  1. Ashish

    Dear All,

    I have Oracle 11.2.0 database installed on RHEL5 with 1 phy standby Database…Now I want to remove that Stdby DB , So please provide me the procedure & steps.

    1. Amit Bansal


      You can remove log_archive_config and log_archive_dest* (except log_archive_dest_1 i.e local archiving). This should remove config from primary side. Next you can drop the standby database. There is not much steps for this.


  2. Ashish

    Thanks Amit,

    IS it require to remove FAL_Serevr/Client and standby_file_managemnt=auto and log files?

    1. Amit Bansal

      You can remove FAL_SERVER and FAL_CLIENT though they dont work without log_archive_config. standby_file_management is again applicable only when db is running in standby mode.

  3. Ashish

    Dear Amit,
    I have 1 DG at 11.2 g setup where we have two standby DB one on cloud with primary and one on local. Now i am find that my prod database table are updated but it’s not updated on local Stdby (log seq are updated.).. how to update table on local stdby DB?
    Plz guide me.


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