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Note 153961.1 - Semaphores and Shared Memory - An Overview

Note.412264.1- How to Backup Partition of Range Partitioned Table with Local Indexes

Note 263599.1 - Understanding and Troubleshooting Instance Load Balancing




Note 262066.1 - How To Size UNDO Tablespace For Automatic Undo Management

Note 268870.1 - How to Shrink the datafile of Undo Tablespace

Note 206007.1 - How To Automate Cleanup Of Dead Connections And INACTIVE

Note 1029252.6 - How to Resize a Datafile

Note 199298.1 - Diagnosing excessive redo generation




Automatic Storage Management (ASM)


Note 266028.1 - ASM Using Files Instead of Real Devices on Linux

Note.443835.1- ASM Fast Mirror Resync - Example To Simulate Transient Disk Failure And Restore Disk

Note.438580.1 - How To Move The Database To Different Diskgroup (Change Diskgroup Redundancy)

Note.445037.1 - ASM Fast Rebalance

Note.429098.1- 11g ASM New Feature

Note.451900.1 - ASMCMD - New commands in 11g

Note.431143.1 - 'WARNING- allocation failure on disk ' Messages In Asm Alert Log

Note.419014.1 - ORA-15041 V$ASM_DISK Shows HUNG State for Dropped Disks

NOTE.345180.1 - How to duplicate a controlfile when ASM is involved




Globalization Support

Note 158577.1 - NLS_LANG explained

Note 179133.1 - Windows NLS_LANG

Unix NLS_LANG - Metalink doc: 264157.1

Note 340512.1 - Timestamps and time zones - Frequently Asked Questions

Note 227338.1- Character Set Scanner - Frequently Asked Questions

Note 119164.1 - Changing Database Character Set - Valid Superset Definitions

Note 226692.1- Finding out your NLS Setup

Note 264157.1- The correct NLS_LANG setting in Unix Environments

Note 227338.1 - Character Set Scanner - Frequently Asked Questions




Internal Error – ORA-600/ORA -7445

Note 403747.1 - FAQ Physical Corruption

Note: 260459.1 - How to Analyze Problems Related to Internal Errors (ORA-600) and Core Dumps (ORA-7445) using Metalink




Note 41634.1 - Tkprof Simplistic Overview

Note 46234.1- Interpreting Explain planNote 22908.1 - What are Latches and What Causes Latch Contention

NOTE.228913.1- Systemwide Tuning using STATSPACK Reports

NOTE.164504.1- How to Check Why Shutdown Immediate Hangs?

Note 375935.1 - What To Do and Not To Do When 'shutdown immediate' Hangs

NOTE.35934.1- Cost Based Optimizer - Common Misconceptions and Issues

Note 62365.1 - What to do with "ORA-60 Deadlock Detected" Errors

Note 203238.1- Using Parallel Execution

Note 377847.1- Unsafe Peeked Bind Variables and Histograms

Note 462072.1- File System's Buffer Cache versus Direct I/O

Note 147468.1 - Checkpoint Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide

Myths and Folklore About Oracle 8i Performance Tuning

Note.458881.1 -Killed Session Hung Consuming 100% CPU

Note.468740.1 - "Pmon Failed To Acquire Latch" Messages in Alert Log -Database Hung

Note.430555.1 - Database Hung With "kksfbc child completion" and "Cursor- Pin X" Waits

NOTE.215858.1- Interpreting HANGANALYZE trace files to diagnose hanging

"Upgrading from Oracle Database 9i to 10g: What to expect from the Optimizer"




Note 396940.1- FAQ: ORA-4031

Note.443746.1- Automatic Memory Management(AMM) on 11g

Note 223730.1- Automatic PGA Memory Managment in 9i





Note 220970.1- RAC: Frequently Asked Questions

Note 374540.1 - Quick Guide: How To Set Up Load Balancing

Note 244241.1 - Rolling Patch - OPatch Support for RAC





Note 262004.1 - Configuring RHEL 3 and Oracle 9iR2 32-bit with Hugetlb

Note 260152.1 - Summary About the Large SGA & Address Space on RH Linux

Note 226209.1 - Linux: How to Check Current Shared Memory, Semaphore Values

Note 37914.1 - Raw Devices and Oracle - 20 Common Questions and Answers

Note 110888.1 - How to Trace Unix System Calls

Note 293561.1 - Unix Commands on Different OS's

Note 18089.1 - UNIX: Connect AS SYSBDA / SYSOPER Privilege on Oracle RDBMS





White Paper on Space Mgmt

Note 291686.1 - White Paper on Logminer

Note 157250.1:Freelist Management with Oracle 8i

Note 291686.1 - LogMiner Utility Release 8.1.x - 10g

Note 161549.1 - Oracle Database Server and Networking Patches for Microsoft Platforms





Note 1020945.6 - How to Setup Auditing

Note 70679.1 - How to Audit Logon/Logoff Events with Triggers


Note 340240.1 - "An Assessment of the Oracle Password Hashing Algorithm"





Note 316889.1 - Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to 10gR2




11gR1/R2 Installation and Upgrade steps by Suhas D. 11gR2_Upgrade_Steps

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