Netapp Reference

Suppose filername is

To check filer permissions

showmount -e

To check which hosts have mounted filer

showmount -a

To create snapshot named test_data_amitbansal

ssh snap create TEST_DAT test_data_amitbansal

To check the snapshots for volume TEST_DAT

ssh snap list TEST_DAT

To delete snap named test_data_amitbansal

ssh snap delete TEST_DAT test_data_amitbansal

To restore snap named test_data_amitbansal for volume TEST_DAT

ssh snap restore -f -t vol -s test_data_amitbansal TEST_DAT

Disable Hourly backup

ssh snap sched TEST_DAT 0 0 0

To check which aggregate the given volume belongs to

ssh vol container TEST_DAT

To get aggregate information

ssh df -Ag

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