on AIX5L (64-Bit) is Out

As usual Laurent has been first to locate that on AIX5L (64-Bit) is Out.

Patchset size is whopping 1.9G which I believe is the maximum size for Oracle Patchset till date. Looks like on AIX had lot of bugs or it could be that DATABASE REPLAY feature needed more lines of code in AIX πŸ™‚

I am not sure why Oracle has named this feature as DATABASE REPLAY on It should have been named as DATABASE CAPTURE.

Anyways I was trying to be the first person to post release of Patchset , but I guess Laurent has written some Package which sends a SMS that patchset is out πŸ™‚ I need to start learning PL/SQL.

3 thoughts on “ on AIX5L (64-Bit) is Out

  1. AIX has always been bigger, mainly due to the amount of static libraries (.a) in AIX vs shared libraries (.so) in Linux/Solaris.

    I bet they will split in two files πŸ™‚

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