We are here to Stay !!

I had actually planned to write this post last week. It’s our Third web address till date with first being http://askoracledba.blogspot.com and second one being http://askoracledba.wordpress.com . Now we are on http://askdba.org/weblog/ and hope to continue this.

We decided to buy our own domain so that we are not dependent on Free service providers like Blogger, WordPress.com. Both of them have their advantages/disadvantages though WordPress Blogs score more over blogspot. This can also be seen by the number of users moving towards WordPress. We chose for independent domain as it gives us all advantages of WordPress with additional functionalities like option to choose Design templates/CSS editing and also display Ads. Anyways, from now on we will be posting on this site. Hope we can dish out interesting and helpful articles!! You can also visit our Homepage (currently it is not 100% complete). You will soon see articles/presentations related to Oracle and SQL Server there. You can also ask any questions or clarify any doubts on our Forum

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