11gR2 Silent Install errors with [SEVERE] – Invalid My Oracle Support credentials

While performing  11gR2 RAC Database Software installation with response file (silent mode), I got this error.

[SEVERE] - Invalid My Oracle Support credentials

I was using default response files for performing this installation. Searching on MOS (My Oracle Support ), I got a note indicating that following parameter need’s to be specified



I provided a dummy value for these two paramters but the installation again failed with same errors. Then I gave correct credentials and tried again, this time installation was succesful. My initial thought was ” Is Oracle forcing people to have valid MOS account for performing installation” But this couldn’t be true as I had earlier done GUI installation without providing these credentials. It was clear that there was some other parameter which controlled this behavior. So as to diagnose it , I created a response file using GUI (Un checking the check box for my oracle support credentials) . This time response file had two additional parameters

# Specify whether to enable the user to set the password for
# My Oracle Support credentials. The value can be either true or false.
# If left blank it will be assumed to be false.

# Specify whether user wants to give any proxy details for connection.
# The value can be either true or false. If left blank it will be assumed
# to be false.

We can see that DECLINE_SECUIRTY_UPDATES value is changed from default value of false to true.  From 11.2 docs

If the direct connection is unavailable, set this parameter to false if you do not want to configure Oracle Configuration Manager, or do not want to provide any proxy details for the connection. The default is False.

If you do not set MYORACLESUPPORT_USERNAME to any value and you set this parameter to true, the Oracle Configuration Manager is not configured.

So to workaround this problem, we need to set DECLINE_SECURITY_UPDATES=true

Amit Bansal

Experienced professional with 16 years of expertise in database technologies. In-depth knowledge of designing and implementation of Disaster Recovery / HA solutions, Database Migrations , performance tuning and creating technical solutions. Skills: Oracle,MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora, AWS, Redshift, Hadoop (Cloudera) , Elasticsearch, Python

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  1. Chris Bode

    one additional note, for this to work you have to remove your login info from the response file otherwise it still generates the error

  2. Kamel

    Please could you share the response file content you used to install the RAC 11gR2 database software? I need it

    Thank you,

    1. Amit


      I don’t have the response file available with me now. Anyways you will have to modify the file considerably even if someone gives some file


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