Downloading Oracle Software directly to Server

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This article is based on Pythian’s aricle DOWNLOADING FROM OTN DIRECTLY TO YOUR DATABASE SERVER.

Article tell’s about using lynx (text based web browser available on linux) to generate the cookies file which can be then used with wget to download software. But when I tried to use lynx , it repeatedly gave error for javascript.  On searching net , I found a firefox extension “Export Cookies” which creates wget compatible cookies.

You can find the extension at

After you install the extension, clear your cookies and then login to and sign in. After you have done this,  go to Tools -> Export cookies and save the file.

Then you can copy the file to your server and use wget to download the software. Syntax is

wget –load-cookies=cookies.txt <otn_url>

E.g To download 11gr2 Grid infrastructure software for linux x86-64 bit

wget --load-cookies=cookies.txt
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