11gR2:Enable and Disable Oracle Feature with Chopt

Oracle has introduced a utility called Chopt in 11gR2 to enable/disable few database features after database installation. To perform this, you need to shut down database and run the utilty present under $ORACLE_HOME/bin. Find below list of options allowed

Value Description
dm Oracle Data Mining Database Files
dv Oracle Database Vault
lbac Oracle Label Security
olap Oracle OLAP
partitioning Oracle Partitioning
rat Oracle Real Application Testing
ode_net Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 1.x
ode_net_2 Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 2.0

e.g To enable Database Vault, you need to issue following command

$chopt enable dv

As of now no option to enable/disable RAC option. It would still be enabled/disabled using (make -f ins_rdbms.mk rac_off ioracle)

You can find documentation link here

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2 thoughts on “11gR2:Enable and Disable Oracle Feature with Chopt”

  • Amit,

    There is a bug in for linux x86_64 bits for using chopt.

    We have to change the path in chopt.ini file for “make” command and give the exact path of “make” (we can find this by using $which make)
    Have you faced the same??

    – Saurabh Sood

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