Oracle Database Appliance Introduced

Oracle has introduced it new product: ODA (Oracle Database Appliance)

I was not able to join Oracle President Mark Hurd’s webcast where he supposed to announce a new Oracle product[It was at 1AM my time and I was sleeping], now viewing this webcast HERE

Kerry Osborne has shared information about this product, click link to see it, here you will see some good information about ODA.

Another new thing to talk about 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Oracle Database Appliance Introduced”

  • Hi Saurabh,

    ODA looks great .. everything in a box (servers,storage,network & db) pre-configure/installed . Just need to switch it on and use the RAC DB’s.

    Well..this might take back to old discussion topics ( similar to the one that came up during 10g DB release ..fully automated & self tuning database)

    1. Does ODA means less work for Oracle DBA’s ?
    2. Does it mean less number of Oracle DBA’s required?

    We need to wait & see..i guess..


  • Hi Sasi,

    ODA seems to be a baby Exadata Machine(As people are saying)
    But I don’t think it will change anything in DBA’s world as once the installation is complete everything is same as it is now..
    It is mainly meant for small scale companies who desire performance like Exadata and scalability like RAC. Cost is about $50K.
    Also when Oracle introduced Grid Control, people use to talk that DBAs work will be gone in coming years .. but I could not see that happening.
    So it seems to be another thing that we can play with..(If we get chance to do so..)

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