Grid Control Fails to Start

The link for Grid Control was not Working and it failed to show the login page. In this situation  checked the following things:

1. The repository database was up and running
2. The listener was up.
3. OMS server was down.

Tried to stratup the OMS server using opmnctl startall command, but it showed following error in ons.log file:

09/04/08 06:06:18 [4] ONS server initiated
09/04/08 06:06:18 [2] BIND (Address already in use)
09/04/08 06:06:18 [2] - listener BIND failed
09/04/08 06:06:18 [4] Listener thread 98311: (0x442)  terminating
09/04/08 06:06:18 [1] Local listener terminated

As it showed that the port is busy, now the obvious choice is to check which application is still holding the port. It can be done by using command:

netstat -a|grep <port_number>

i.e netstat -a |grep 6104

and the result was, no application was using this port.

But still this port was shown busy to OMS server, hence failed startup of OMS.

Then I changed the port to a different unused port in opmn.xml file and started the OMS server, it got started with new port number.

After that I stopped the OMS server and again changed the port number back to the original port number which was giving error earlier.

This time OMS started with the  old port number as well.


Saurabh Sood

Saurabh Sood

Worked with prestigious Financial Institutions and Product Based MNCs e.g. Swiss Bank (UBS), CitiBank, Qatar Central Bank (QCB), Societe Generale, Oracle Corporation & Dell. An Oracle DBA who is up-skilling himself to help large enterprises move their data to cloud and get more insights into data to make it useful for them.

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  1. Laura

    Better use lsof instead of netstat in such a tricky case. Actually both are useful, lsof just more valuable in this case.
    lsof will show open sockets.

    lsof -i:6104

  2. Saurabh Sood

    Thanks for the input Laura..
    I always used netstat and more familiar with it, but will explore lsof also..

    Saurabh Sood

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