Life Is Changed Now!!!!!

Hi All,

This time I am sharing an experience from my personal life, I got Married on 2nd Dec 2009 🙂
I was on holidays since last month and just joined back. In this time I visited beautiful Island of Koh-Samui (Thailand).
At this time finding hard to concentrate on work 🙂

Saurabh Sood

6 thoughts on “Life Is Changed Now!!!!!

  1. Hey man,

    Congratulations and welcome to the club!
    I have been reading your site for at least a year now.

    Hopefully you will still have time for techy stuff!


  2. Sasi, Bruce

    Thanks for your wishes.
    After getting Married time is running a lot faster.

    I am planning to write about OraInventory in my next post, lets see how much time it will take. 🙂

    Saurabh Sood

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